Thursday, June 14, 2018

How should I prepare for English section in the SSC CGL 2018?

Hi Aspirants!!!

Are you preparing for SSC CGL 2018 EXAM?

How good you are in English Language?

English is one of the scoring sections of SSC CGL Exam. It is very important to prepare for the language as it holds an important place in SSC CGL Exam selection process. It is important to qualify three tiers. Hence one must follow the tips to prepare for English language.

Tips to prepare English language

Develop the habit of reading English newspaper. Read it for at least 1.5 hours giving importance to the editorial section and Front page. Editorial will enhance your language proficiency and front page headlines will enhance your general awareness.
  • Reading newspaper will enable you to solve reading comprehension easily and quickly.
  • Vocabulary is built to a great extent as editors use technical language which is generally asked in the examination.
  • Make a list of difficult words in a separate notebook and note down the meaning.
  • Use the new words in your day to day conversation and try to converse with the person who is good in English.
  • Revise grammar rules from one of the good books of a reputed publication. Practice some questions related to them and master your grammar.
  • Download Android app to assist yourself to know the meaning of the difficult words coming across from time to time.
  • Join online SSC CGL Test Series and take one topic test after you complete the relevant topic in the class or otherwise. It will help you evaluate your learning capacity.
  • Solve previous year question papers as most of the time vocabulary questions are repeated from previous papers itself.
  • Master Direct – Indirect and Active – Passive as these follow logical rules and carry more marks than other questions.
Hope you will be able to prepare well by following above tips to prepare for SSC CGL English section.
All the best!
Author Bio: Above content is written and published from IBT Chandigarh: Top Bank & SSC Coaching Institute.

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